Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sensational Short Tattoo Quotes

Quotes are something that has been a part a parcel of our life since childhood. Most of us have the habit of jotting down quotes that we like or find inspirational. Some of us also have our personal archives in the form of diaries and folders on our personal computer that contain our dear quotes from different people, movies, novels, etc. Tattoos also provide a cool and stylish option to preserve and give expression to the quotes that we adore. Short tattoo quotes are quite popular among the men and women due to the ease with which they can be carved and the nice display they possess.
Quotes that are short look sexy and have got a very precise and to-the-point aura. This makes them so sought-after and there is huge demand from people of all age groups to get such tattoos. What is of prime importance while getting such a tattoo is the font that is to be used because it determines the total look of the tattoo. Here we have presented a collection of 30 short quotes created on various body parts in the form of images. Take a look and check out the fonts and styles.

Wrist Short Tattoo Quote

Inspirational quote asking one to follow one’s dreams and be oneself, looks quite cute and neat.

Harry Potter Tattoo

Quote by Severus Snape and the Chapter stars from Harry Potter, carved on the wrist as a mark of love for the epic movie.

Cool Quote Tattoo

The guy got this quote tattoo as a tribute to his struggles and the lessons that he learnt the hard way.

Quote Tattoo On Back

Quote from the famous physicist Galileo carved on the back of the girl who also has a passion for universe and astronomy.

Cute Foot Tattoo

These three words, etched on the foot, look beautiful and underline the importance of love and laughter in life.

Shakespeare Quote Tattoo

Look at the cute and charming short quote taken from one of Shakespeare’s play that has been carved in neat and nice manner.


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